Thoroughly understanding the needs and requirements of our customers. Developing and empowering of our employees to do what is needed to satisfy and exceed our customers’ expectations. Striving to continuously improve our processes based upon measurable objectives.


Be our customer’s first choice for transport and logistics services. 100% delivery of customers freight 100% of the time. Be the market leader in every market we serve. Employ the best and brightest people. Be viewed by our customers as innovators when it comes to services we provide.


Be unquestionably ethical in everything we do. Be recognised by our peers as the market leader in the markets we compete in. Be the leading financial performer in the markets we compete in. Seek continuous improvement in all aspects of our company


Specialist Logistics Services

Service 01
Ocean Freight
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Service 02
Air Freight
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Service 03
Land Transportation
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Service 04
Rail Transportation
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Other Services

Atlantic Marine Ltd is a leading Freight Forwarding organization in Saudi Arabia, Providing an absolute comprehensive range of freight forwarding services & logistical solutions through offices in Saudi Arabia.

Service 05
Project Cargo

Atlantic Marine has years of experience handling complex projects and heavy lift cargo of various sizes and descriptions, enabling it to efficiently overcome these obstacles.

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Service 06
Heavy Lift

We are well experienced in the handling of projects and heavy cargo, we offer tailor-made solutions with multi-model transportation depending on the size and urgency of the cargo.

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Service 07

Warehouse logistics involves all movements of goods and information within warehouses and distribution centers. It includes activities like receiving, storage, order-picking, accumulation, sorting and shipping.

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Service 08
Container Yard

We understand that the ability to store cargo and containers, both at the port and beyond, is crucial for your supply chain. That’s why we continue to invest in flexible and innovative warehousing and distribution solutions.

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Service 09
Customs Clearance

With ATLANTIC MARINE Customs Services, you can simplify your imports and exports. We provide visibility and efficiency, a smooth compliance process, and a network of customs experts to help keep your goods moving round the clock.

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Service 10
DG Storage

In the facilities of ATLANTIC MARINE we provide our customers with two ADR storage areas specifically conditioned to accommodate all types of dangerous goods.

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Import/Export Process

Our Freight Processing

Everything moves at such a fast pace nowadays that, to compete in the world of business, you need to have something that will make you stand out among your competitors, and this could be as simple as your exportation of goods.
The products that you import will be delivered with the same high standard.






Ocean Freight / Air Freight







15Years of Experience

About Us

Atlantic Marine

Atlantic Marine Ltd is a leading Freight Forwarding Organization in Saudi Arabia, Providing an absolute comprehensive range of freight forwarding services & logistical solutions through offices in Saudi Arabia. Atlantic Marine connects the world to Saudi Arabia. It was established after careful consideration of the demand of first class freight forwarding service compared to the freight forwarding services available in the Saudi Arabia. The quality emploee of Atlantic Marine truly makes the difference in the services levels provided to our customers. We encourage creativity in the workplace.

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Project Cargo

Project cargo/heavy lift: oshore oil rig supplies, industrial turbines, transformers, oversized equipment and other voluminous steel structures Dry Bulk Cargo: Part and Full charters on inducement basis Iron and Steel: Sheets, Bars, Beams, Coils and Structures

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